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The MoVeS Band is a premium quality, low powder latex resistive exercise band. Train every part of your body, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation.

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Snap-Stop makes exercising with latex bands much safer. This unique feature will avoid snapping, even if there’s a cut or puncture. When working out with a resistive exercise band, the band has to endure extremely high tensions. A small cut can have a big consequence…
MoVeS and MoVeS F!T Bands are unique in their field. Thanks to our extensive research and development we have achieved an innovative production process: when used properly, the latex band will not snap, even when exposed to high forces.
Snap-Stop for safer resistive exercising.


The production of MoVeS Band starts deep in the humid forests of Malaysia, where the best and strongest trees provide the natural latex rubber that will be processed from a milky fluid to your preferred resistive exercise band. When a tree is 5–6 years old, harvesting can begin: incisions are being made orthogonally in the bark of the tree, just deep enough to tap the latex vessels without harming the tree’s growth. The fluid is collected in small buckets, a process known as rubber tapping.

Only the best quality latex is being selected to go to the MoVeS Band factory. There, production starts under the constant supervision of a team of scientists, ensuring an immaculate product quality. Latex sheets are produced, powdered, washed, dried and cut to the exact width.

Each batch of latex sheeting that is produced, is subject to the meticulous inspection of our scientists by a series of laboratory experiments: color-coding, dryness, tensile strength, tearing resistance, snapping resistance, … During the rolling process, a 100% visual inspection is being conducted on both sides of the band. Indeed, before leaving the factory, every MoVeS Band has been completely analysed, checked and examined to ensure maximum product quality.

This is why we are not afraid to use the words ‘premium quality’ when referring to our MoVeS Band.

Did you know that rubber trees combat greenhouse gases and thereby slowing down global warming? Additionally, latex harvesting helps prevent deforestation.