MoVeS Squeeze Ball & Egg

The MoVeS Squeeze Ball developped to provide a progressive sequence of 5 colors. It strengthens hands, fingers, forearms and will work the muscles separately or in tandem. The MoVeS Squeeze Egg is ergonomically shaped to provide highly effective exercise for the hand therapy and strengthening of weakened or injured fingers, hands and wrists. The MoVeS Squeeze Ball or Egg can be used for hand therapy as well as for sports training or stress relief. Because it is small and easy to use, you can exercise anywhere, anytime.

The MoVeS Squeeze Balls & Eggs can help to:

  • Rehabilitate post-operative/post-traumatic hands and arms
  • Restore function in hands, arms and shoulders following stroke
  • Reduce pain and stiffness in arthritic fingers, hands and wrists
  • Relax tense, sore muscles and reduce stress
  • Strengthen aging hands and arms
MoVeS Squeeze Balls & Eggs
Color Resistance Squeeze Ball Squeeze Egg
Yellow Extra Soft
Red Soft
Green Medium
Blue Firm
Black Extra Firm