Shoulder Pulley

MoVeS Shoulder Rope Pulley

The MoVeS Shoulder Rope Pulley is an economical and easy-to-use device for prevention and rehabilitation. The main function of a shoulder pulley is to prevent shoulder injuries and increase range of shoulder motion.

The shoulder pulley with door anchor can be mounted in any doorway. Besides the regular door anchor, it is available with a metal bracket. In addition, it is also available with notch handles, wooden handles or hand support. The unique notch handles allow the user to easily adjust the length of the rope through the handle. Finally, the revolutionary stopper system is a great aid for consistent and progressive exercising. A resistive tube pulley is also available.

Shoulder Rope Pulley | Door Andchor | Notch Handles | Stopper System
Shoulder Rope Pulley | Metal Bracket
Shoulder Rope Pulley | Door Anchor | Hand Support | Stopper System
Shoulder Rope Pulley | Door Anchor | Eco Pack
Shoulder Rope Pulley | Door Anchor | Wooden Handles | Stopper System