MoVeS Roll-On Pack

MoVeS Roll-on pack combines thermal treatment with practicality. The tubular shape and flexible material allow an easy roll-on application, even after being heated or frozen. The various sizes will fit perfectly over finger, wrist, ankle or knee. This design ensures that the whole area will benefit from the hot or cold treatment.

From the same factory as the original Torex® products. Reusable, non-toxic and latex free. Available in 5 sizes.

Description Inner diameter Circumference Uses
Finger 2,5cm One size fits all Finger
Small 10cm Fits up to 25cm Hand, Wrist, Arm, Elbow
Medium 12,5cm Fits 25cm – 38cm Hand, Wrist, Arm, Elbow, Ankle
Large 15cm Fits 38cm – 53cm Elbow, Ankle, Foot, Calf, Knee
Extra Large 17,5cm Fits 53cm – 58cm Knee, Thigh