MoVeS PearlPack

PearlPacks are reusable Hot/Cold Packs filled with small pearls. Hot and Cold Therapy can be applied to relieve pain and inflammations associated with muscle strain and sprain. This dual applicability makes them a strong alternative to ordinary heating pillows and ice packs. The small pearls absorb heat or cold, which they can retain for 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes, these packs will relieve a part from the pain.

Besides relieving pain from an injury or muscle strain, hot/cold packs are often used to reduce swelling after an operation. PearlPacks truly are multifunctional products. Not only do they look good, the products are very convenient in use. PearlPacks won’t feel wet nor drip after freezing or heating them, avoiding a mess. All material used is non-toxic and odourless.

PearlPack Sport Pack
This portable classic pack can be applied on any part of the body.

PearlPack Back Wrap
This large pack divided in 3 segments is equipped with velcro strap. It fits perfectly around the patient’s waist for an optimal pain relief on the back. The pearls can be pushed from one segment to the other if one area of the back needs less or more thermal treatment.

PearlPack Eye Mask
This mask adapts to the patient’s face, the length from the velcro strap is adjustable. Hot treatment can be applied when eyes feel dry or if there’s an infection of the eyelid. Cold treatment will help when suffering from headaches, swollen eyes or sinusitis.


Sports Pack 19cm x 12,5cm
Back Wrap 43cm x 17,5cm
Eye Mask 22,5cm x 7,5cm