MoVeS Loop

The new MoVeS Loop Set really is a “Gym on-the-go”. MoVeS Loops are extremely portable and unbelievably versatile products. They are very effective instruments for stretching and strengthening all muscle groups.

Six resistances are available: tan becomes the lightest resistance, while with the black loop even the fittest sportsmen will sweat. Our new loop set combines our most popular colours in a compact mesh bag. This affordable set is very useful to bring along wherever you go.

All Loops are multi-layered, resulting in a more durable product. These thicker loops won’t roll-up during exercising, avoiding the uncomfortable feeling from wider alternatives.

  • high quality, cost effective and easy to use!
  • Lay-flat-length: 30cm
    Loop Set
MoVeS Loop
Colour Resistance
Tan Extra Light
Yellow Light
Red Medium
Green Heavy
Blue Extra Heavy
Black Special Heavy
Set of 4 resistance in mesh bag Light to Extra Heavy