MoVeS F!T Band

Fitness Band

MoVeS F!T Band is a premium quality, low powder latex resistive fitness band. Using the MoVeS F!T Band for resistive exercise provides positive as well as negative force on the muscles and improves the range of motion, the strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups. The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band. MoVeS F!T Band are available in 1,50m, 2,50m, 5,50m, 22,50m and 45,50m.

All our MoVeS F!T Band are manufactured through our unique Snap-Stop®-process. Snap-Stop® makes exercising with bands very safe. The unique feature/benefit will avoid snapping, even if there’s a cut or puncture in your MoVeS or MoVeS F!T Band.

Head over to the Exercise Charts and Videos or our Youtube Channel for a complete work-out or to train a specific muscle group.

MoVeS F!T Band
Colour Resistance 1,5m 2,5m 5,5m 22,5m 45,5m
Peach Light
Orange Medium
Lime Green Heavy
Blueberry Extra Heavy
Plum Special Heavy
Gray Super Heavy
Set of 5 resistance Light to Special Heavy