MoVeS Band

Resistance exercise

MoVeS Band is a superior quality, low powder, latex resistance exercise band and can be stretched up to 600% elongation while maintaining their linearity. Using the MoVeS Band for resistance exercise provides positive as well as negative force on the muscles and improves the range of motion, the strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups. The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band. When you pre-stretch your band, you will be able to achieve higher forces without having to worry about the ‘elastic stop’. Most competitor’s bands are not to be stretched more than 3 times their resting length, while MoVeS Band easily achieves 6 times and maintains its amazing elasticity. The MoVeS Band’s linearity allows for an even wider range of exercises at a much lower risk of injury due to unexpected product behaviour.

All our MoVeS Band Resistance exercise Bands are manufactured through our unique Snap-Stop®-process. Snap-Stop® makes exercising with latex bands much safer. This unique feature will avoid snapping, even if there’s a cut or puncture. When working out with a resistive exercise band, the band has to endure extremely high tensions. A small cut can have a big consequence… MoVeS Band and MoVeS F!T Band are unique in their field. Thanks to our extensive research and development we have achieved an innovative production process: the latex band will not snap, even when exposed to high forces.

Head over to the Exercise Charts and Videos or our Youtube Channel for a complete MoVeS Band work-out or to train a specific muscle group. Combine the MoVeS Bands with various accessories for an even wider array of exercises. Handles, a wall mounts, door anchor or universal assist are all available here.

MoVeS Band is available in 1,50m, 2,50m, 5,50m, 22,50m, 45,50m and in a Dispenser Box with 25 pieces of separately packed 1,5m bands.



MoVeS Band
Colour Resistance Dispenser 1,5m 2,5m 5,5m 22,5m 45,5m
Tan Extra Light
Yellow Light
Red Medium
Green Heavy
Blue Extra Heavy
Black Special Heavy
Silver Super Heavy
Gold Ultra Heavy
Set of 5 resistance Light to Special Heavy