MoVeS Knee Rope Pulley

The MoVeS Knee Rope Pulley helps increase range of knee motion. As a result, the Knee Pulley is a very effective product to prevent knee injuries or to help recover from an injury.

Because of its door anchor , this easy-to-use device can be mounted in any doorway. While sitting on a chair, fit your foot into the ankle strap. Pulling the handle which will generate a rotational movement at your knee, improving range of motion. A print on the ankle strap helps you to secure your foot in the right position. Finally, the rope length is easily adjustable at the handle.

The MoVeS Knee Rope Pulley comes with an ankle strap, nylon cord, pulley and a 2-handed wooden grip.

Knee Rope Pulley | Door Anchor | Wooden 2-handed Handle | Ankel Strap