MoVeS Accessories

We offer various accessories to increase the amount of exercises.

With the MoVeS Wall Mount, you can extend the exercising possibilities. Use it together with our Resisitive Exercise products for a high versatility of exercises for all muscle groups.

The MoVeS Safety and Soft Handles will give you superior grip and soft handling when exercising with the MoVeS Band.

The MoVeS Door Anchor will allow you to safely mount your MoVeS Band our MoVeS Tube in a doorway, while the MoVeS Universal Assist helps you to attach a MoVeS Band or MoVeS Tube to your foot, a chair, a doorknob…

MoVeS Wall Mount
MoVeS Safety Handles
MoVeS Soft Handles
MoVeS Door Anchor
MoVeS Universal Assist